PENDING (Danville) 2 Houses for 1! One rented very cheap.

506 Scales St

Danville, VA


Talk about a deal that will go fast!  A little unorthodox kind of deal but a deal none the less.  Property on the left is rented with a tenant that has been there 20 years.  The rent is only $250/month which is extremely low for the area (market rent is around $375-395/month.  We are unable to access the property, she’s currently in the hospital for a while with surgery but rent is being paid.  Be prepared to close without having access.

The other property is a normal fix and rent type deal.  Pretty much just cosmetic repairs. Outside and inside structurally sound.  Will have more pictures in a few more days.

***Both of these houses are on one parcel and can’t be split up. Hence why it’s 2 for 1!  This will go fast.


If you have any questions, please contact Mike @ 858-633-3758





  • Phone Number: 1-858-633-3758