(Danville) 2 Houses Cash Flowing! Side By Side

815 & 819 Rison St

Danville, VA

Talk about a deal that will go fast!  Harder and Harder to Find in Danville with Ceasar’s Casino coming to town just a few miles away!

This deal can be split and properties can be sold separately.  Both were rented a year ago when rents were low. These units are rented for $395/month each. Market Rent now is deeply dependent on the amount of work put in and range from $500-675/month.

Properties have already passed Danville Rental Inspection! 



ASKING PRICE: $58,000 (Cash Only)

or… $29,000 EACH


If you have any questions, please contact Mike @ 434-483-6025

  • Phone Number: 1-858-633-3758